Tutorial - Ember Light Table

I recently discovered Ember.js and dived into the world of frontend development. If one accepts some fundamental parts (similar to python), the development process becomes a breeze. Of course, there are still some things that need a deeper thought and more time to fully understand, I am looking at you adapters, but overall it is a rather pleasant experience.

During the first steps, I needed a table and choose one of the ones in the long list of add-ons: ember-light-table Although it has some great features, I had a rather rough start with that one. Hence I decided to write a little “Hello-World”-like tutorial to help others (and to prove that I learned something). It’s basically following the getting started example of Ember and the ember-light-table addon, but breaks them in several steps and spells everything out.

If you get a hang to the custom component-thing and start to think the Ember.js way it’s quite fun. Now I need to understand how to make the occlusion-rendering work …

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